Adopt A Tea Plant

Nov '14 21

We are always looking for ways that we can include as many people as possible on our adventure into US grown tea. We began brainstorming a year or so ago and decided that we wanted people to feel like they "owned" a little piece of the farm here in Mississippi. We wanted people to feel like they were on the adventure with us. After much thought and collaboration, we decided to offer an ownership "share" to our fans and followers by allowing an exclusive opportunity to adopt a tea plant here on the farm.

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Tree farmer starts first tea farm in Mississippi

Oct '13 17

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed his timber stand in 2005, Lincoln County landowner Jason McDonald searched for an alternative crop.

In May 2012, he visited the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina and began to consider growing the crop himself.

“I wanted something that was sustainable and better at resisting storm damage,” McDonald said. “As long as tea plants are managed well, they are low-growing, which makes them able to survive high winds.”

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Ahead of Schedule

Dec '12 20

Here we are, just 14 months away from our tea farm becoming reality, and it seems that we may be closer than we thought. Original plans were that cuttings were to be cut in June of 2013, but because of a mild winter in front of Winter Storm Draco, 10,000-15,000 cuttings could be taken and stuck...

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We Are Getting It Together...

Nov '12 30

We have GPS mapped fields for irrigation, Used SONAR for the utilities, and have almost dug a hole clear to China so we can get our plants instead of shipping them across the ocean... Our DREAM is shaping into REALITY!!!

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Tea Field Preparation

Nov '12 20

Getting everything squared away so we can start preparing with green manuring practices (planting legumous crops to boost the nitrogen in the soil) and irrigation

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Welcome to The Great Mississippi Tea Company

Oct '12 15

We are on our way to be Mississippi's first tea garden, and will begin planting in the Fall of 2014. We are starting with an initial 60,000 tea plants to fill 10 acres of Mississippi's newest crop. Mississippi and Tea... a natural partnership.

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